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MAR 28   Welcome Aboard! New Elite Aircraft Partners! Let the savings begin!...Next step...become a co-owner of the fastest growing and ONLY Independent "Fractional FBO" Network. The FBO Network owned by...YOU! Elite Jet Centers LLC. Why not purchase fuel and services from...YOURSELF?   Call (248)-361-9387 and let's stir things up in the FBO world!

Welcome to our newest Elite Aircraft Partners:

Brandon Bueter, Air Nunavut, Greg Lapoint,Tom Stichman, Rick Bash, Ray Landes, Ventura Investments, Greg Lapointe, Bob Ash, Dennis Kaiser, HRY-CAY Engineering, Jeff Fanelli, John Binkows


   Jet-A   Retail $3.78    Partners $3.73     OWNERS $3.68

 100LL   Retail $5.44    Partners $5.24     OWNERS $5.19

      "WINGMAN" Fuel Rewards Program

How about we "Revolutionize" the FBO industry. All Jet fuel Partners and Owners will get .01 a gallon for every gallon they purchase that will go towards or into your Ownership account. And even better ...for every Partner or Owner you bring in you'll recieve .01 a gallon for every gallon they purchase! No limit to the amount of Partner/Owners you bring in. WOW! Same deal for all 100LL Partners and Owners only you'll get .02 a gallon!  YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR OWN FBO NETWORK!

We launched July 1 at PTK and already have 136 Elite Aircraft partners and over 211 pilots! We'll begin bringing on Elite Jet Center partner FBO's in 2023... Let the Pilots Fractional FBO Network begin!

Get the names of the GMs at the  FBO's you frequent and we'll try to bring them on board. (We work for you)! We want to save you money wherever you fly! And build YOUR Elite Jet Centers FBO Network.

 Leave some comments on sites like Airnav to help bring in more Partners and Owners!

Remember the goal of Elite Jet Centers is to make YOU...pilots and aviation professionals the Owners of this company. Aviation isn't cheap, you should put some of that money back in your pocket! Growth plans and ideas will originate not only with the Executive Board but with you! A lot of pilots are members of Flying Clubs that own aircraft...why not own an FBO Network and everything that goes along with that? We plan on getting into ALL areas of aviation by partnering with our customers and turning them into Owners of Elite Jet Centers LLC. So bring your ideas and let's get to building something that we all love and make a money little while doing it!                      

Give us a call! (248)-361-9387

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