THE Elite Aircraft CLUB News 

SEPT 18   Welcome to THE Elite Aircraft CLUB! Let the savings begin! Call (248)-361-9387 Let's stir things up in the Aviation world! Doesn't matter where you live...we're coming to you! After our Membership & Ownership is built up tell us the FBO we need to talk to in your area of the country.

Welcome to our newest Elite Aircraft Members:

Bruce Tobin, Briar Silvander, Mauro Fauza, Jeff Snyder, Mike Angerer, Sam Snow, Air Nuvant, Dave Czachorowcki, Barrott Campbell, Mark Whatley, Global Jet, Len Lynam, Jeff Carrol, Land o Lakes Flying Club, Bob Williams, Michael Rose, Tim Crawford, Gaerte AG, Dillon Tent, Bill Packer, Larry Adams, Dale Wiltse, Ethan Samuel, Jason Gorski, Arron Wilson, Noah Gandy, Joachim Sealmayr, Patrick Larreategui


Elite Aircraft Membership annual fees...100LL Singles $30...100LL Twins $60... Jet-A $90

                         9/20/23          Jet-A   Retail $4.43     Partners $4.28     

                                                    100LL   Retail $6.31    Partners $5.81 


We launched July 1 2022 at PTK and already have 358 Elite Aircraft Members at PTK and over 551 Members across the country. We'll begin adding 5 to 10 Elite Aviation Club partner FBO's every month starting in the Fall of 2023.

Get the names of the GMs at the  FBO's you frequent and we'll try to bring them on board. (We work for you)! Our mission is to reduce the cost of every aspect of your aircraft ownership & operation as well as increase your equity and profit sharing in "The Club" with each flight you take. Our desire is to bring back the excitement and fun we all felt the first time we jumped into an Airplane!

Remember the goal of THE CLUB is to make YOU...the pilots and aviation professionals the ones that truly benefit from this organization. You should be an Owner in the first and only International "Fractional FBO C0-op Network". Growth plans and strategies will originate not only with the Executive Board but with you! A lot of pilots are owners in Flying Clubs that own aircraft (So will we) why not be an owner in an FBO CLUB? We plan on getting into ALL areas of the aviation services industry except 135 operations and Aircraft Management our mission is to grow your business not compete against you!                       

Give us a call or email us for more info and become part of the most inclusive and affordable company in all of Aviation. David (248)-361-9387